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Hello 2018!! I hope all you fellow book lovers had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and that you received lots of books, bookish gifts and book vouchers in your stockings!

I’ve decided not to start 2018 with a Reading Resolutions post. Weirdly, I think setting myself yearly reading goals has negatively impacted my reading in the last couple of years as opposed to renewing it – I’ve felt hemmed in having to read to my goals and ended up with some lengthy trips to Slumpsville as a result. Instead, I saw this fun tag on Katherine’s blog, Bibliomaniac that looks more loosely at reading plans for the upcoming year.

How many books are you planning to read in 2018?

I managed to reach my Goodreads target of 60 books in 2017 but only just and, towards the end of the year, it really felt like I was choosing short books just to try and reach my goal. For that reason, I’ve decided to lower my 2018 target to 52 books – one a week. I’m certainly hoping that I’ll read more than that but I think that’s a manageable number that allows for periods when I don’t feel like reading as much.

Name five books you didn’t get to read in 2017 but want to make a priority this year?

To The Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey
How to Stop Time by Matt Haig
Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
The Dry by Jane Harper
Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

Name a genre you want to read more of?

I’d really like to read some good fantasy and science fiction in 2018 – I used to really enjoy these genres but haven’t read any for a while. Other than that, I’m happy with my book diet of crime, historical fiction and literary fiction!

Three non-related book goals for 2018?

– Think less about stuff and just do it
– Spend less time on social media and my phone
– Get into the great outdoors more often

What’s a book you’ve had forever and you still need to read?

Definitely Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood! My Mum bought me my copy for Christmas 2003 when I was in college – I’d just read The Handmaid’s Tale and was desperate to read more Atwood so she bought me Cat’s Eye, The Blind Assassin, The Robber Bride and Alias Grace. I’ve read Cat’s Eye (loved it) and The Blind Assassin (meh) but still have The Robber Bride and Alias Grace to read. Really do want to read it this year as I’m desperate to watch the Netflix adaptation!

One word you’re hoping 2018 will be?


Tag a friend….

All of you! I’d love if any one wants to have a go at this tag!

So that’s my start to 2018 and a few loose goals for the year in terms of reading. I hope your reading year has started well – do tell me what you’ve chosen as your first book of the year and if you have any reading aims for 2018. And, in the meantime…

Happy Reading x


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